Risk Disclosure Statement for Tiger Vault and Auto-Sweep Service

Before enrolling into the Tiger Vault and Auto-Sweep services, you should carefully read the Risk Disclosure Statement for Tiger Vault and Auto-Sweep Service (hereinafter referred to as “Risk Disclosure”) provided by Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited. You should prudently consider whether to participate in Tiger Vault and Auto-Sweep Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) based on your investment objectives, investment experience, financial status, risk tolerance and other relevant factors. The risks listed in this Risk Disclosure refer to the possible risks investors assume when participating in the Service, including but not limited to:


1.     Policy Risks

2.     Counterparty and Credit Risks

3.     Liquidity Risks

4.     Market Risks

5.     Operational Risks

6.     Early Termination Risks

7.     Reinvestment Risks

8.     Exchange Rate Risks

9.     Other Risks

10.  Historical Performance


1.Policy Risks

The Service is designed and provided by Tiger Brokers (NZ) Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Tiger Brokers") in accordance with the current and relevant laws, regulations, regulatory provisions and policies in New Zealand. Any change in relevant laws, regulations, regulatory provisions and policies affecting the normal process of trading and investment on the financial products involved in the Service and affecting the provision of the Service may expose you to loss of partial or whole principal amount.

The Service may invest in markets other than those in the country or region where you reside, and the extent to which investors are protected by the regulatory rules of those markets may vary. You should thoroughly consult with legal counsel in connection with your participation in the Service and understand all the relevant rules of this investment before making an investment. You may be unable to enforce the regulatory rules or market rules of the jurisdiction where you invest to be executed by a regulatory authority of your resident country or region. Before you begin to invest, you should consult your broker in details about the remedies available in the jurisdiction where you reside and other relevant jurisdictions.

2. Counterparty and Credit Risks

The portfolio in which the Service invests may be exposed to the credit/default risk of the fixed income securities as underlying assets. In the event of a bankruptcy or default of a securities issuer, the portfolio may experience losses. The actual or perceived downgrading of a rated debt security could decrease its value and liquidity and may have an adverse impact on the portfolio.

The portfolio may invest in bonds issued or guaranteed by governments or authorities, which may involve political, economic, default or other risks.

3. Liquidity Risks

The funds backed by the Service may be exposed to the risk that the underlying fund assets cannot be converted to cash quickly and inexpensively, or that they cannot respond to possible large investor redemptions. The former is the possibility of losses arising from financial assets that cannot be liquidated in a timely manner or cannot be traded at normal market prices. In order to cope with investor redemptions, the fund assets need to maintain a certain level of liquidity, thus there may be some losses in terms of income and affect the achievement of the fund's investment objectives; the latter refers to the possibility of large redemptions in the course of open-end fund transactions, which may generate difficulties in adjusting the fund's position, leading to liquidity risk and even affecting the net value of the fund units. When the Fund experiences situations including but not limited to the above two situations, it may not be able to satisfy all investors' redemption requests, and investors' redemption payments may arrive later than expected, which may also increase the cost of redemptions for investors. 

4.Market Risks

The portfolio in which the Service invests may be subject to changes in market conditions, such as changes in political environment, economic cycles, interest rates, etc. This could adversely affect the value of the portfolio.  

5. Operational Risks

System malfunction, personnel mis-operation or mistakes may happen in the Service, and you may be subject to the risk of partial or total loss of principal and proceeds.

6. Early Termination Risks

Tiger Brokers has the right to terminate the Service anytime due to unforeseen circumstances, and you may as a result of such termination, be expose to reinvestment risk.

7. Reinvestment Risks

Change in interest rates may adversely affect your ability to reinvest the proceeds from the Service at the same returns.

8. Exchange Rate Risks

The Service may from time to time invest in assets denominated in different currencies Changes in foreign exchange rates could affect the value of the portfolio positively or negatively.

9. Other Risks

Pandemics , natural disasters, financial market crisis, war and other force majeure events that are unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable, and/or system failure, communication failure, suspension of trading in the investment market and other contingencies may occur for reasons beyond the control of Tiger Brokers, which may affect the Service’s development, investment operation, return of funds, information disclosure, public announcement, etc., and may even result in decrease in or loss of the principal and proceeds of the Service and the delay in the payment of principal or proceeds of the Service. You shall be responsible for any losses and delays in payment resulting from force majeure and/or contingencies. 

10.Historical Performance

You should be aware that the Service may lack a historical performance reference due to its short period of operation, and that any past performance is no guarantee of future results. The Service is not committed to securing principal and proceeds, nor guaranteeing minimum rate of returns.


The above provisions of the Risk Disclosure do not disclose all the risks involved in Tiger Vault and Auto-Sweep services. You should read and sign the Tiger Vault and Auto-Sweep Service Agreement before investing and consider carefully and decide whether the investment is suitable for your particular investment needs and risk tolerance in light of your own financial status and needs, investment objectives and experience. You should seek independent financial and professional advice before entering into any trade or investment. The information contained in this Risk Disclosure is not, and shall not be construed as, an investment advice and shall not constitute a solicitation of any person to invest in any of the products described in the Risk Disclosure. By agreeing to this Risk Disclosure, you will be deemed to be accepting that you have read all the provisions of this Risk Disclosure, fully understood and voluntarily assumed all the risks described above.