Stock vouchers issued by Tiger can be used to offset the amount of an order. Stock vouchers will take effect immediately after activation. You need to use stock vouchers within the validity period.

Stock vouchers are pre-deducted and rebated afterwards. You need to place an order within the validity period of the voucher and the order should be filled before the voucher can be successfully used. Stock vouchers can be chosen when an order is placed in the Tiger Trade App of version 7.2.0 and above (stock vouchers in the older versions will be automatically used based on the system sorting). If your order has matching vouchers, the system will automatically select the best voucher for you when placing the order. If you want to cancel or change the voucher, you can cancel or change it manually when placing the order.

(Notes: Orders bound with the stock voucher need to be fully filled before the voucher can be successfully used. If the order is fully filled after the voucher expires, the stock voucher will not be used successfully.)

After the order is filled, the order bound with the stock voucher will be marked as "Rebating". The rebate amount will be credited to the clients' Tiger account within 1 minute of the order being placed. If the order amount is greater than or equal to the voucher value, the rebate amount will be equal to the voucher value; if the order amount is less than the voucher value, the rebate amount will be equal to the order amount. After the rebate, the "Rebating" mark of the order will be updated to "Rebated". Clients may check the rebate details through the coupon details in Reward Center or via [Tiger Trade App>Portfolio>Orders] or [Tiger Trade App>Portfolio>More>Fund Details].

Tiger offers stock vouchers in different currencies on face value for trading in a variety of markets. The rebate currency of the vouchers will be consistent with the trading currency. If the face value of the voucher is different from the trading currency, the system will convert the rebate based on the real-time exchange rate. If the currency on face value is the same as the currency of the trade, no conversion is required.

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