US stock fees

Types of


Charging party

Trading commissions

$0.023/ share,

A single minimum of $11.5

Tiger Securities

External agency fees and transaction activity fees

$0.00396/ share,

A single minimum of $1.99

External agency

SFC fee (only charged when selling orders)

$0.000008 * Total transaction amount 

US Securities Regulatory Commission

Platform fee

$0.004/ share, a single minimum of $2

Tiger Securities

Hong Kong stock fees

Types of


Charging party

Trading commissions

0.16%* transaction value ,

Minimum single transaction is HKD 100

Tiger Securities

transaction fee

0.00565% * trading value, at least HKD 0.01 per trade

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Settlement fee

0.002% of transaction value (minimum 2 HKD, maximum 100 HKD)

Hong Kong Clearing House

Transaction levy

0.0027% of transaction value

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Stamp duty

0.13% of transaction value (less than 1 HKD is also calculated as 1 HKD)

Hong Kong government

Platform fee

15 HKD

Tiger Securities

FRC Transaction levy

0.00015% of transaction value

Financial Reporting Council



* Bulky transactions are based on the underlying liquidation of the buyer and the seller, and the regular fee is not less than 1% of the transaction value . The specific project will be followed up by a dedicated team, and the actual project situation shall prevail.

* The pricing method of some special types of transactions does not apply to this plan, and the specific agreement shall prevail in the separately signed service agreement. If you have any questions, please call customer service.



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