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Comprehensive account capabilities

  • Support account opening for various types of entities

    Regular companies | Partnerships | Exempted limited partnership | Segregated portfolio

  • Tiger Brokers facilitates the opening of main and subsidiary accounts for a single legal entity. Both primary and subsidiary accounts maintain mutual independence across

    Trading assets | Trading strategies | Trading limits | Risk control settings

Comprehensive account capabilities

Extensive trading capabilities

Extensive trading capabilities

One-stop platform management

One-stop platform management

Holistic value-added services

Holistic value-added services

Case Study

Client A
Private Equity/Venture Capital Investment Fund (PE/VC)

A made early investments in IPO projects like UBER and NIO. Post-listing, after the stock lock-up period, the projects required a brokerage to digitize paper shares, enabling stock divestment exits. Tiger Brokers, as the executing brokerage for this project, provided traders for order placements and algorithmic trading. They efficiently facilitated exit transactions at satisfactory prices, stabilizing market prices, allowing clients to swiftly withdraw funds and redeem LP stakes.

Client B
U.S. Listed Company

Prior to listing, Client B underwent a privatization phase, leading to several dozen early investors during ODI registration. To ensure a successful listing, the company utilized four primary entities for ODI filings. Tiger Brokers became the preferred brokerage for shareholder exits. Leveraging their proprietary Separate Trading of Listed Securities (STL) structure, the client enabled numerous shareholders to independently select stock sale nodes, ensuring future ODI settlements remained unaffected.

Client C
Hedge Fund

Hedge fund C adopts a long-term and hedging investment strategy. Previously hosted by a traditional U.S. investment broker, due to market investment fervor, they sought participation in Chinese concept stock IPOs. Traditional U.S. brokers couldn't cover all IPOs, requiring new custodial accounts for each project, resulting in time-consuming and labor-intensive onboarding. Leveraging Tiger's extensive coverage of Chinese concept stock IPOs, client C chose to collaborate, swiftly opening accounts and successfully participating in multiple IPOs, aligning with C's investment strategy.

Client D
Quantitative Private Equity Fund

D is a USD-denominated private equity fund established overseas, employing a subjective long position and derivative hedging strategy. Previously engaged with traditional brokerage custodial trading services, market fluctuations prompted optimization demands concerning market trading periods, order types, commissions, and IT services. Tiger Brokers swiftly responded to customer demands by customizing IT development and offering advantageous commission structures. This facilitated optimized trade quality and cost reduction, aligning with client D's investment objectives.

Client E
Hong Kong Local U.S./Hong Kong Stock Brokerage

E previously collaborated with a U.S. brokerage to provide U.S. stock custody/trading services but faced limitations. The U.S. brokerage didn't support block trades, lacked real-time quotes, and struggled with API integration due to technical/language communication issues. Opting to work with Tiger Brokers, they provided API-integrated market data and FIX trading services. Through a professional Chinese-operated/technical team, they swiftly customized solutions, ensuring accurate order execution, efficient market input, effectively addressing client pain points, and successfully providing custody/trading services.

Client F
Hong Kong Local U.S./Hong Kong Stock Brokerage (DVP)

F previously engaged a U.S. brokerage for primary U.S. stock custody/trading services but faced limitations. The brokerage didn't support block trades or client participation in Chinese concept stock IPOs. Choosing to collaborate with Tiger Brokers, they provided DVP account trading capabilities. Through a dedicated operational team, Tiger offered IPO and block trading services, ensuring smooth non-custodial trading and IPO subscription services for customers.

Client G
Wealth Planning Company

G is an overseas robo wealth planning company providing short-term, mid-term, and long-term financial planning services with an investment portfolio comprising over 8,000 stocks and 600+ bonds across the U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific, and emerging markets. G leveraged Tiger's API services to access multi-market trading capabilities and facilitated account opening, fund transfers, etc., for their subsidiary clients through the G platform.

Client H
Market Data Service Provider

H, a professional market data service provider, offers free/paid market charts and analytical tools across various markets and trading categories (stocks, futures, bonds, major currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, etc.). Through collaboration with Tiger's API, H shares customer resources with Tiger. Tiger's subsidiary clients access market services through H, while H's subsidiary clients register Tiger accounts for trading on their platform.

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    Establish our collaboration intent

    • Receiving your interest in collaboration

      Our professional team will reach out to you within 1-3 business days.

    • Client information collection

      Tiger Brokers will collect pertinent client data, grasp your needs, and conduct an internal assessment.

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    Tailor customized solutions

    • Tailor customized solutions

      Following our assessment, we'll propose a comprehensive solution, covering technical integration and budget quotations.

    • Solution finalisation

      Both parties will review and finalize the proposed solution before formalizing the agreement in a signed contract.

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    • Project implementation

      Once the contract is in place, we'll execute integration, debugging, testing and launch, ensuring adherence to the agreed schedule.

    • Platform usage guidance

      Upon project completion, our after-sales team stands ready for a thorough introduction, guidance, and ongoing operational support as needed.