Put your idle money to work

Safe and flexible

Tiger Vault is a cash management solution that provides investors yields of up to 5%* on their idle funds.

You can select from mutual funds with relatively stable returns, low risk ratings, and high liquidity in the global markets. Grow your money now, with higher yields.

  • Stable Returns with Low Risk*

    Competitive Yield

  • Trade smart

    Easy to use with no lag time

  • Multi-currency Vault

    No FX required. Maximize returns regardless of currency.

  • Low minimum transfer-in amount

    Start from USD 1/ SGD 1, no lock-in period

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Start trading instantly with just 1 click

Money never sleeps.

With Tiger Vault, immediately invest your cash as and when opportunities arise in

  • Stock
  • Options
  • Mutual Funds*
  • IPOs
* Not applicable for money market funds.

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Multi-currency Vault

Select mutual funds* in your preferred currency, available in USD and HKD. You can hold multiple currencies and use them to pay for your trades—of the same currency—without incurring additional fees.

  • Mutual Funds in USD

    • Fullerton USD Cash "A" (USD) Acc
    • LionGlobal USD Enhanced Liquidity "A" (USD) Atcc
    • LionGlobal Tiger Brokers Managed Reserved Fund
  • Mutual Funds in SGD

    • Fullerton SGD Cash Fund "A" Acc
    • LionGlobal SGD Money Market "A" (SGD) Acc
    • LionGlobal SGD Enhanced Liquidity "A" (SGD) Acc
The funds in Tiger Vault are optimally selected based on market conditions.

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Activate Tiger Vault

Access Tiger Vault via the Quotes tab to activate your account.