Third-party Service Provider

The one-stop open platform service solution provides comprehensive brokerage open-source technical services for third-party platforms/institutions

Main client type

  • Quantitative platform
  • Algorithm execution platform
  • Market data service provider, etc.

Risk Alert: While in collaboration, non-licensed institutions must not provide any investment advice/recommendation. In the event of a breach, the collaboration will be terminated immediately, and corresponding responsibilities will be investigated.

Professional service, safe and efficient

Comprehensive and professional client support services, and flexible statement reports, to facilitate efficient and convenient transactions.

Various Services

  • Support small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly acquire brokerage business capabilities, and provide main functions such as account asset synchronization, market data subscription, and order placement
  • Provide value-added data services, customized solutions and comprehensive underlying service support
  • Satisfy automatic data exchange, improve efficiency, save costs, and improve user experience

Statements/Reportsing Services

  • Support Clients/users of third-party service providers logging into Tiger Trade APP/PC or website to check settled daily/monthly statements of multi-period
  • Support website download or scheduled email push of statements/reports
  • Support various report formats such as CSV and PDF

Powerful transactions at your fingertips

Open API

Full platform, multilingual solution

Support various operating systems: Windows, MacOS, and Linux, etc; provides RESTful interface and SDKs that support Python, Java, C++, and C#.

Stable, efficient, ultra fast, and free

Special line service improves stability; market data acquisition and order placement are prioritised and fast; free access to API

Covering global investment product, with Tiger's self-developed functional interface

Support trading of investment products in the global mainstream markets, and provide Tiger's self-developed functional interface for free

Support customised trading programs, and automated trading strategies

Open interfaces enable automated transactions, making transactions more flexible, easier and more convenient

Standard FIX

Provide a standardised interface for the brokerage connection, with low access costs, fast turnaround, and quick deployment of products or business lines.
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Trade Desk

TradeDesk is specially established to provide offline manual order placement exclusively for Tiger Brokers' clients.

Global trading platform

Dedicated dealers within the trading desk to support round-the-clock dealing services for mainstream markets in Tiger Brokers

Various order placement methods

Provide pre-market and post-market trading services and support orders placed through phone and email.

Professional algorithmic trading

Provide a variety of professional algorithms to help clients meet transaction execution requirements and provide block trade services


Support the development of customised execution methods according to client's transaction needs

Various types of transactions

Support short-selling, options trading, and one-stop service for investing, financing, and shares borrowing and lending

Value-added services

Provide investment research services to help clients analyse market dynamics and discover trading opportunities.
The order placement methods and access methods supported above may not be applicable to specific entities. If necessary, please contact the business development manager or customer service of the entity at which your account is opened for confirmation.


Client A: Financial planning company

A is an overseas robo financial planning company, which provides short-term, medium-term and long-term financial planning services according to the needs of customers. Its investment portfolio covers more than 8,000 stocks and more than 600 bonds, and its main investment areas are the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific and emerging markets. A obtains multi-market trading capabilities by connecting with the Tiger API service, and its clients can also open Tiger Brokers accounts through A's platform to complete deposits and withdrawals, etc.

Client B: Market data service provider

B is a professional market data service provider, providing free/paid market data charts and analysis tools, covering multiple markets and multiple transaction categories (stocks, futures, bonds, European and American currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, etc.) By integrating with Tiger API, B realizes the sharing of client resources with Tiger Brokers. Tiger Brokers' clients can obtain market data services through B, and B's clients can also register Tiger Brokers accounts through its platform to create transactions.

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