Introduction to Cash Plus

What is Cash Plus?

Cash Plus is defined as the cash management service created by Tiger Brokers specially for prime account users. Users can experience the dual investment of securities and cash management immediately after transferring the funds from security accounts to Cash Plus at one click. Cash Plus mainly invests in financial products with relatively stable returns, low risk rating and high liquidity in the global market, including but not limited to time deposits, various types of government bonds, Investment-grade Bonds, etc.

Advantages of Cash Plus

  • Relatively Consistent Returns

    Relatively Consistent Returns

    Professional asset management team
    selects high-quality investment targets across the market

  • Low minimum transfer-in amount

    Low minimum transfer-in amount

    Transfer-in can be made from $1/HK$5,
    with no upper limit

  • Flexible Transfer-in and Transfer-out

    Flexible Transfer-in and Transfer-out

    Regular transfer-out is expected to arrive on T+0 day;
    Rapid transfer-out in real-time

Cash Plus TIPS

  • Guide for Transfer-in

    Application time for Transfer-in Confirmation time of Transfer-in NAV Update Time
    T-day before 12:00 pm T T-day after 15:30
    T-day after 12:00 pm T+1 T+1-day after 15:30
  • Guide for Transfer-out

    Application time for Transfer-out Confirmation time of Transfer-out Funds arrival time
    T-day before 12:00 pm T T-day after 15:30
    T-day after 12:00 pm T+1 T+1-day after 15:30

note: T is the application day, the above processing time will be postponed accordingly in case of weekends and Singapore holidays

Are the earnings distributed daily? When does the transfer-in/transfer-out order take effect?

Cash Plus does not pay out earnings. Your earnings are reflected based on the net asset value (NAV) which will be refreshed before 15:30 SGT if it is a business day. Any capital appreciation will be realized when you transfer out of Cash Plus.

If you transfer-in/transfer-out before 12:00pm on a business day, it will be transacted and completed on the same day. If you transfer-in/transfer-out after 12:00pm on a business day, 2. it will be transacted and completed on T+1.

If it is a Singapore holiday, the date will be postponed. The specific time is subject to the Cash Plus Service Agreement.

Are the earnings of Cash Plus fixed? Is the principal absolutely safe?

Users can access the earnings of Cash Plus based on the historical net asset value in the "latest net asset value" displayed on the Tiger Trade App. Cash Plus aims to provide capital preservation and sustainable, steady earnings through professional research, analysis and management while controlling the portfolio risk effectively and maintaining high liquidity.

But Cash Plus does carry risks and unlike bank deposits or principal-guaranteed products, Cash Plus does not guarantee the principal and earnings, nor promises the lowest earnings. Past performance may not be indicative of future results and investors should read the service agreement and risk disclosure statement carefully before making any investment decisions

Does Cash Plus charge transfer-in/ transfer-out fees? Is there any limit?

Cash Plus does not charge any transfer-in/ transfer-out fees. The minimum transfer-in amount is USD 1/HKD 5 without upper limit. There is no limit for ordinary transfer-out. The maximum rapid transfer-out limit per customer will be set at USD 100,000, HKD 100,000 daily. The total daily rapid transfer-out limit for Cash Plus service will be set at USD 5,000,000 or its equivalent. Rapid transfer-out services will incur a fee of 0.05% of the total transfer-out amount.

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