The First Step In Investing In US & HK Stocks Starts With IPO shares subscription

Tiger Brokers is the pioneer of US IPO shares subscription, 0 fee subscription;

Maximum 20X leverage on HK IPO shares subscription

What is IPO shares subscription in the Hong Kong market?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, which is the first time a company, under a specified price range, offers its stocks to the public market for fund raising purposes. IPO shares subscription is to participant in such endeavor to buy stocks at the initial offering price on the first day of trading. You can subscribe in IPO shares in the Hong Kong market with Tiger Brokers' client account.


Hong Kong IPO shares subscription provided by Tiger Brokers, accumulatively


High leverage financing enabled for IPO shares subscription

*Data from the Company's operating statistics from April 2020

Returns from subscribing in HK IPO shares

66 companies have listed in the HK market since 2021


Average gains on the first day of trading1


Average One-lot Winning Rate2


Accumulative return from 66 HK IPO subscriptions3

*1. Average gains on the first day of trading = ∑ first-day closing gain / number of IPO shares * 100%; 2. Average One-lot Winning Rate = ∑ One-lot Winning Rate / number of IPO shares * 100%; 3. Maximum gains from one board lot on the first day of trading= ∑ (issue price × number of shares in one lot × first-day closing gain) Data from public market information, as of June 30, 2021 Past returns are not indicative of future performance and this material does not constitute any investment advice.

Six reasons to choose Tiger Brokers for IPO shares subscription

Higher leverage: offers maximum 20x leverage

10,000, with 20x leverage, can increase buying power to 200,000, which increases the allocation amount significantly.

Grey Market:allows for trading in the grey market

Trading in the grey market enables faster gain realizations.

Less principle is required to subscribe in at least one board lot of IPO shares due to access to leverage.

Tiger Brokers provides 10x to meet one board lot minimum subscription. For instance, 1,000 HKD of cash can meet the minimum requirement of 10,000 HKD, which significantly increased the value of money.

A longer subscription period

Under most circumstances, subscription activities are closed at 4 pm prior to book closing date. Tiger Brokers closes at 11 pm prior to book closing, giving sufficient time for clients to make deposits.

Tiger Brokers offers access to a large community of KOLs, facilitating quality interactions

The Tiger Brokers' community offers access to opinions from professionals in IPO shares subscription. Users can receive timely analyses and strategies from the experienced subscribers.

Free Hong Kong market Lv2 data

Tiger Brokers offers a comprehensive database including real time price data, trading data, bids and asks, etc to help better understand market movement.

Operation Guide

1. Open Tiger Trade App - Discover - Hong Kong

2. Click the "Subscribe" button on the corresponding stock information page

3. Click Subscribe Now

4. Select the subscription method and click confirm

5. Select the subscription amount and click confirm

6. Confirm the subscription information and proceed to the next step

7. Click submit to complete the subscription process

Frequently Ask Questions

If the subscription is made in USD, will there be additional charges other than the interest charges from using leverage?

There will be zero lending charges during the subscription period. However, after the allocation is delivered, there will be an equivalent negative amount in HKD and will result in lending charges in not paid back within the same day.

How do I know how much IPO shares I can subscribe for?

In the subscription process, you are required to select the subscription size, displayed in both quantity of shares and the corresponding currency amount. Different scenarios including leverage will be shown.

Where can I find the summary of fees associated with IPO shares subscription?

After the subscription is confirmed, you can find the specific fees under the IPO page. Click the corresponding stock to view. The calculated fees includes interest+processing fees. Regardless of your allocation results, processing fees will always be charged. If allocated, there may be more fees involved.

How to cancel, modify, or share my IPO shares subscription?

After submitting the subscription, you can click on the stock name under "IPO" to cancel, modify or share the subscription. The subscription can be cancelled or modified before the end of the subscription period.

How to check for the remaining funds available for investing after subscribing for IPO shares?

For omnibus accounts, the lock-up period starts immediately after the subscription is confirmed. You can refer to "buying power" displayed under "trade" to view your buying power.
For global accounts, the lock-up period does not start until the end of the subscription period. The funds used to subscribe can still be invested. Therefore, if the user wants to invest or trade without having an impact on the subscription, they have to manually calculate the margin (equals subscription amount / leverage) and make sure the balance is met.