ICBC (Hong Kong) Bank-Securities Transfer Deposit Guideline

Introduction of ICBC Asia Bank-Securities Transfer

ICBC Asia Bank-Securities Transfer provides customers with the service of funds transfer between ICBC Asia's Bank Account (hereinafter referred to as "Bank Account") and Tiger Brokers' Prime Account (hereinafter referred to as "Prime Account").
Two steps to deposit from your Bank-Securities account:

1. Connect your ICBC Asia Bank Account with Tiger Prime Account on ICBC Asia online banking; How to connect the Bank-Securities Transfer account (ICBC Asia)?

2. Initiate Bank-Securities Transfer deposit in ICBC Asia online banking.


Deposit in Tiger with ICBC Asia Bank-Securities account

1. Log into ICBC Asia personal online bank
ICBC Asia personal online banking login address: Click "Finance and investment" - "Register/Connnnection/Transfer" - "Deposit", you will enter the Bank-Securities deposit page.
Note: Currently, ICBC Asia only supports the login of personal online banking for Bank-Securities deposit, and mobile banking is not supported.
2. Please fill in deposit information with the guidelines below:
Financial institution name: Please select "Tiger Brokers";
Individual funding account: Please select your Tiger Prime Account ID which you have connected before;
Currency: Select the currency of the deposit bank account which is used to connect the Tiger account;
Bank settlement account: Select the bank account for Bank-Securities connection;
Amount: Enter your deposit amount.
3. Confirm deposit information and click "Submit"
4. If the deposit is successfully submitted, you don't need to submit additional deposit notification in Tiger App. We'll send message through email/SMS to tell you the final result. You can also view the deposit record on Tiger App/website.


1. As per regulator's rules, Tiger International does not accept deposit from bank accounts under other person's name and joint accounts;

2. Tiger International only accepts the connection and deposit instructions submitted through ICBC Asia online banking, and it's the bank that will make the transfer for you.

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