1. What is currency exchange?

Currency conversion refers to the conversion of the main currency into other currencies in your Tiger Securities account. Once you deposit funds, you can convert them into different currencies and invest in different markets.

2. What are the advantages of currency exchange?

If you want to invest in multiple markets, it is recommended that you convert your main currency into the currency of the corresponding market (US dollar for US stocks, Hong Kong dollar for Hong Kong stocks, and off-shore RMB for A-shares) to save your financing interest.

3. How do I exchange currencies?

Open Tiger Trade, click "Profile>>Funding Account>>Currency Exchange", select the currency and amount of the currency exchange, then you can exchange the currency.

4. What currencies can I exchange?

The currencies supported by the Tiger Securities Integrated Account for currency conversion include: the US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, offshore RMB, Singapore dollar, Australian dollar, and New Zealand dollar.

(1) The above currencies are directly convertible with the U.S. dollar.

2) Except for the US dollar, some currencies can be exchanged directly with each other, you can check the currency pairs that can be exchanged directly in the app.

5.How is the exchange rate for currency conversion calculated?

The currency exchange rate is subject to change in real time and is based on the actual transaction rate. Users should note that the currency exchange rate refers to the offshore RMB exchange rate.

6. How much does currency exchange cost?

The currency exchange of the integrated account is free of charge.

7. When can I exchange currencies?

Market hours(Monday to Friday):6:20-next 4:55, UTC+8

Weekend hours(Saturday to Sunday):6:20-next 4:55, UTC+8

Note:The settle time、bid/offer price and quota in weekend hours are different with market hours,please check details in Weekend Currency Conversion.

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