If you need to withdraw money to a Hong Kong bank account (hereinafter referred to as "Hong Kong Card"), we strongly recommend that you refer to the following content when filling out the withdrawal application normally, which will make your withdrawal experience smoother.

Description of Hong Kong Card Receiving Account:

1) The format of the Hong Kong card receiving account number is more diverse. Please fill in the correct receiving account number according to the account receiving instructions provided by your bank. Avoid delays in refunds or arrivals due to incorrect account numbers.

2) When using a Hong Kong card to withdraw money, it is strongly recommended that you enter the bank code of your receiving bank in the "Local Bank Code" column of the Tiger Withdrawal Fund page. The Hong Kong bank code should be 3 digits.

3) In Hong Kong, if you withdraw Hong Kong dollars to a U.S. dollar current account, your receiving bank may automatically convert the Hong Kong dollars into U.S. dollars and then deposit them into your account. Please pay attention to check whether your bank account contains your withdrawal currency to avoid automatic exchange by the bank.

Explain the cost of withdrawing HKD to Hong Kong card:

1) When withdrawing Hong Kong dollars to a Hong Kong card, the remittance bank charges 100 Hong Kong dollars, and Tiger does not charge. However, if the single amount does not exceed 50,000 Hong Kong dollars and is within the first 600 withdrawals approved every working day, you will be exempted from the remittance bank fee (that is, 100 Hong Kong dollars waived). Note that the bank code is correct to be free. [The rule was updated on: September 11, 2020]

2) If you use an ICBC (Asia) bank card, in order to get a free gold withdrawal experience, please use your ICBC (Asia) single currency current account (for example: HKD current account, USD current account when filling in the withdrawal application ), do not use ICBC (Asia) integrated account (the ending number is 0). This free channel is not restricted by currency/maximum amount, nor does it need to participate in the queuing of item 1).

3) Tiger does not charge any fees for withdrawals, all fees are charged by the bank. In addition to remittance fees, banks may also have intermediary and receiving bank fees in some scenarios. The final deduction result is related to your receiving bank. Please refer to the bank result.

4) Withdrawal of Hong Kong dollars to other countries or regions does not participate in the above free of charge. Please refer to the fee reminder on the withdrawal page for specific fees.

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