1. What is the US Stock Overnight Session?

Overnight trading is dealed during non-regular trading hours. The specific trading hours are from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. the next day (US Eastern Time), Sunday to Thursday.

  1. What are the transaction fees during the overnight session?

They are the same as those charged during regular trading hours.

  1. How to place an order during the overnight session?

Contract with overnight trading logo:'24', displayed on the detailed quotes page indicating support for overnight trading. Please refer to the small icon below.

Go to the Trade page of the stock, and choose Limit Order in the Order Type field and Day in the Time-in-Force field. Now you can find Overnight Trading in the Trading Hours field. Select it and you can place an order during the overnight session.

Orders placed during the overnight session can be found in the order list.

  1. What types of orders can I place during the overnight session?

Currently, you can place limit and day orders only. Please note that open overnight orders expire automatically at the end of the overnight session.

  1. Can I shot-sell during the overnight session?

No. It is not supported currently.

  1. Can I place overnight orders before the overnight session?

No. Currently, Overnight orders can be placed during the overnight session only.

  1. Which trading day does the overnight session belong to?

The overnight session belongs to the next trading day (T+1). For example, the overnight session on Monday night (US Eastern Time) falls into the trading day of Tuesday.

  1. How are my position value and P/L calculated?

P/L value can be calculated using the overnight price. For specific calculation methods, please refer to the following link: Learn more.

  1. Overnight Tradable List

The following list is for reference only and shall be subject to Tiger APP.

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