Expense Detail of Transferring Positions out of Prime Account

Tiger supports outbound transfer of US, HK, AU and SG stock positions from Tiger Prime Account to other brokers.
Note: Currently, Tiger only supports the outbound transfer of positions with no change of beneficial ownership.

Transfer-out Fee

From 2021-09-09, Tiger can no longer offer discounted fee for outbound transfer and will apply a new transfer fee. Please refer to the following table for specific cases:
150 USD per stock
500 HKD per stock
China A-shares
(HKEX Northbound Trading)
500 HKD per stock
50 AUD per stock
100 SGD per stock
You may need to ask your receiving broker for transfer-in fee details.

Processing Steps:
  1. Firstly, please contact the transferring broker to apply for the inbound transfer. Because the transfer process needs support from the receiving broker, please notify your receiving broker as soon as possible.
  2. After the transfer application has been submitted successfully, please contact Tiger Customer Service to assist in submitting the outbound transfer application. Please contact your business manager or Tiger Customer Service for further assistance in the transfer process.
Processing Time Frame:
It generally takes 2-3 weeks, and the specific time is subject to the actual conditions of the transfer process.
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