1. Is US stock market data real-time? 

Tiger Brokers provides real-time US stock market data, including deal-by-deal record and buy/sell order. 

2. What are the charges for real-time US stock market quotation? 

As of now, Tiger Trade is subject to a full subsidy policy, that is, all registered users are entitled to free real-time market data. (Normal official standard charge is USD10/month) 

3. US stock L2 market data 

LV2 deep data provided by Tiger Brokers are real-time Entry Order and quotation data of NYSE ArcaBook Exchange. 

The deep market quotations show deep tick data, the volume & price distribution diagram and large order prompt data at tick 40 of stock buy/sell order. 

The volume & price distribution diagram: The buy/sell entry order volume and entry order price will be added to the price chart in the form of bar chart, so that users directly observe the buy/sell order data and better judge the stock price trend. 

Large order prompt data: The data is updated every minute and any order with a volume higher than 10 times of the average level is screened and displayed to allow users to find large order data. 


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