1. How does Tiger Securities protect client assets?

(1) Client assets are held and maintained in escrow, and client assets are segregated from the broker's own funds. Client assets are calculated, confirmed and reconciled on a regular basis on a trading day basis.
(2) The safety of client assets is subject to regular and rigorous review by the regulator, as well as internal and external audits.
(3) Tiger Securities is required to maintain capital adequacy in strict compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and has maintained sufficient dedicated cash to meet capital adequacy compliance requirements. The purpose of this is to enable it to have a good risk-resilient capability to protect the interests of its customers and to ensure the normal operation and development of the company. The relevant regulatory authorities will regularly audit the operations of the brokerage firm and closely monitor the capital adequacy ratio.
(4) Clients' U.S. shares are entrusted to a cooperative clearing house, which is supervised by the SEC and FINRA and must strictly follow U.S. regulations to protect client assets; clients' Hong Kong shares are entrusted to a cooperative clearing house, which is supervised by the SFC of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and must strictly follow Hong Kong regulations to protect client assets.

2. Does Tiger Securities have activities such as paid stock recommendation and paid market leading?

Tiger Securities found that some criminals impersonate Tiger Securities or its partners, and use phone calls, SMS, WeChat and other means to carry out fraudulent marketing, recommend stocks, induce follow orders, and invite to join the recommending group.

In order to protect your assets, please don't believe any invitation that requires you to pay for participation.

If you receive a strange call from an unknown caller, claiming to be a staff of Tiger Securities, you can login to Tiger Trade APP and check the contact details of your dedicated service manager through the "Message Center - Little Secretary" interface, or directly call Tiger's official customer service hotline 400-603-7555 for consultation and confirmation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We have a legal team in place to handle any fraudulent activities and will take all legal measures to prosecute the wrongdoers.

If you encounter any suspicious information, you are welcome to report it to Tiger Securities Customer Service.

3. Are my account and the funds in my account safe?

Tiger Securities uses a tri-party clearing channel such as PCCW, and client assets are held in the accounts of clearing institutions such as Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, etc., and are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Without the client's authorization, Tiger Securities cannot dispose of any assets in the client's account. The transfer of funds to and from the Client's account must be executed by the Client's account in the same name. 4.

4. if tiger securities has operational problems, are customer funds affected?

Client assets are segregated from Tiger Securities' corporate assets and Tiger Securities has no right or ability to dispose of any assets in the Client's account. In the event of operational problems with Tiger Securities, client funds remain safe and unaffected. Tiger Securities customers' assets are held in trust in a clearing agency account, and the clearing firm holds customers' cash and stock accounts in accordance with FINRA regulations. SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation of America) is responsible for returning client assets if the liquidating firm becomes insolvent and is unable to return client assets. 

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