1. Deposit/withdrawal by the account with the same name - According to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations and relevant regulatory requirements, when clients deposit or withdraw funds, the funds may only be transferred to an account with the same name. In order to perform a deposit/withdrawal, please ensure that your bank account has the same name as your trading account with Tiger Brokers.

2. The following deposit methods are not supported - Tiger does not currently accept incoming funds from other's bank accounts, joint bank accounts, third-party payment platforms and cash deposits.

3. Deposit threshold - Tiger Securities has no minimum deposit threshold. There is a gift for you if the initial deposit amount meets the rules of Tiger deposit subsidiary activities. Please refer to the current activity page or contact customer service for specific rules.

4. Deposit fees - Tiger Securities does not charge any fees. The bank usually charges a commission (0.1% of the amount, usually capped), wire fees (usually $10-20 per transaction), and intermediary bank fees ($25 per transaction). The above fees are for reference only and are subject to the bank's actual charges. (If you use a Hong Kong bank card to deposit funds to your Hong Kong HKD account, in most cases, the bank will waive the intermediary bank charges.)

5. The arrival time - about the funds to the account time, generally 1-5 working days after the remittance to the account; specific arrival time to the bank account time shall prevail.
(Warm Tips: ① Arrival time does not include holidays. ② If you receive the bank's remittance successful text message, does not mean that the funds have been accounted for, because the funds need to be remitted after the transfer bank to continue processing. ③ If the funds have not arrived after the above time, please contact customer service to provide remittance proof, we will contact the funds department for you to verify whether the funds have arrived.)

Please Note:

Tiger Securities does not recommend deposit from bank accounts in high-risk regions/countries. Tiger does not bear the relevant losses caused by deposit from high-risk regions/countries.

Common high-risk regions/countries include: Botswana, Nicaragua, Ghana, Albania, Pakistan, Iceland, Bahamas, Syria, Jamaica, Barbados, Uganda, Mauritius, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mongolia, Panama, Yemen, Zimbabwe, etc.

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