Service Fee:


Tiered Commission Plan:

Number of options traded within a certain

Commission per option

(minimum USD 1.99 per order)

Platform Fee

1-500 options

USD 0.8

USD 0.3 per option, minimum USD 1 per order


501-1,000 options

USD 0.7

1,001-3,000 options

USD 0.6

3,001-15,000 options

USD 0.5

15,001-50,000 options

USD 0.4

50,001-100,000 options

USD 0.3

100,001 options and more



Fixed Commission Plan:


Platform Fee

USD 0.65 per option, minimum USD 1.99 per order

USD 0.3 per option, minimum USD 1 per order



  1. Clients are placed on the fixed commission plan by default initially. A client may apply to change from one plan to the other once a month (e.g. after a certain number of options contracts were traded within a certain month on the fixed commission plan), change will take effect the next trading day.

  2. When a Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC) order is not filled within a single trading day, each other trading day that the remainder of such order is filled it will be treated as a fresh order fee-wise.

Option Settlement Fee

USD 0.18 per contract for all types of contracts. 

Fees Charged on behalf of Third Parties

Charged By


Securities and Exchange Commission

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

U.S. Options Clearing Corporation



Options Regulatory Fee (ORF)

SEC Transaction Fee

(charged only for sell orders)

Trading Activity Fee

(charged only for sell orders)

Clearing Fee

Exchange Fee


USD 0.012 per contract


USD 0.0000278*trading value

Minimum USD 0.01 per trade


USD 0.00279* Number of contracts sold

Minimum 0.01 USD per trade

USD 0.02 per contract

Up to USD 55 per trade

Fees depend on the exchange on which the contract is traded



  1. Additional fees might be charged depending on the liquidity of an options contract, subject to the exchange.

  2. Tiger shall update Third Party fees when they come into effect.

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