Financial security

First of all, after investors purchase funds in Tiger Fund Mall, the fund assets are kept by the custodian to ensure that the assets will not be misappropriated without permission. Secondly, countries have strict regulations on the qualifications of fund management companies, as well as on custodians of fund assets, and mutual funds have strict procedures and strict regulatory requirements for issuance, fundraising and investment.

When the mutual fund is issued, it needs to complete a series of legal documents with relevant regulatory agencies (such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Monetary Authority of Singapore, etc.); and there are very strict requirements for the information disclosure of public funds. Investment objectives, investment portfolio and other information must be disclosed. The management and operation of public funds is subject to strict supervision, including restrictions on investment methods, shareholding ratios, and positions.

Cost advantage

All mutual funds sold by Tiger Fund Mall do not charge any subscription and redemption fees.

Rich category

Tiger Fund Mall has launched more than a thousand mutual funds issued and managed by well-known asset management institutions. The categories are rich, covering money market funds, stock funds, fixed income funds, FOF, including US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Singapore dollars, euros, Australian dollars and other currencies. And there are different risk levels, regions, industries and other subcategories for you to choose from.

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