1. Easy online account opening - you can open an account online without leaving home.

2. Free real-time quotes - Real-time U.S. stock quotes are free when you open an account, say goodbye to delays.

3. ultra-low commission - $0.0039/share for U.S. stocks, as low as $0.99/stroke; $0.0039 for Hong Kong stocks; please see [Help Center - Fees and Charges] for details.

4. Speedy trading - Submit orders on a dedicated line, and unlimited number of trades during the day.

5 Chinese customer service 20 hours online - (Beijing time 9:30 - the next morning 5:00);

6 Self-developed trading client - full Chinese operation, efficient and easy to use, with features such as trading position sharing.

7. one account to play the global capital markets - Tiger Securities covers a wide range of trading instruments including US stocks, ETFs, options, Hong Kong stocks, A-shares, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

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