Q1: What is Tiger Vault?
A1: Tiger Vault is a Cash Management service for Tiger Brokers' investors. The mutual funds available for clients are selected from the global market based on the criteria " relatively stable return, low risk rating, and high liquidity". Clients can activate the "Auto-Sweep" feature to automatically use their positions in Tiger Vault as the available purchasing power to invest in stocks, funds, options and participate in IPOs.
Q2: Which types of clients are Tiger Vault suitable for?
A2: Clients with idle funds, looking for suitable investment opportunities in bear markets or interested in investing in less risky financial products.
Q3: How liquid is Tiger Vault?
A3: Once you have enabled the "Auto-Sweep" feature, you can use your positions in Tiger Vault to make other investments. You can also initiate redemptions of funds in Tiger Vault, which does not have a lock-up period.
Q4: Is Tiger Vault returns guaranteed?
A4: The selection criteria for Tiger Vault' s underlying mutual funds are "relatively stable returns, low risk rating and high liquidity". Like all investments, Tiger Vault carries investment risk, but as the underlying funds invest in safe assets like fixed deposits and government bonds, the returns are relatively stable.
Q5: What is Auto-Sweep and how can I make full use of Tiger Vault?
A5: You can opt-into Auto-Sweep feature on Tiger Vault which allows Tiger Brokers to sweep your cash balance into Vault, maximizing your idle money. Tiger Vault is also part of your purchasing power. This essentially means that you can also use Vault to invest in any stock, options, funds and participate in IPO.
Q6: Why can’t I use 100% of my Tiger Vault balance to pay for my investment ?
A6: It is to cater a buffer for NAV fluctuation and foreign currency exchange rate fluctuation (if applicable), thus you can only use 99% of your balance in Tiger Vault to pay for investments, the remaining 1% will be redeemed to your Tiger account based on the specific NAV of that fund.
Q7: Can I suspend using the auto-sweep feature of Tiger Vault?
A7: Manage your Tiger Vault auto-sweep feature and choose from 3 days, 7 days, 10 days or just pause indefinitely and restore whenever you want.
Q8: How many funds can I pick for now?
A8: There are 3 USD funds and 3 SGD funds available for subscription in Tiger Vault. The "Auto-Sweep" function can only set up one fund per currency, and fund denominated in SGD does not support Auto-Sweep at the moment.
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