Tiger Brokers has always followed the regulatory requirements of various countries to isolate and custody client assets, and all client assets are strictly protected.


First, client assets are held and kept in custody, and client assets are isolated from the securities firms’ own funds. The calculation, confirmation and reconciliation of client assets are all carried out on a regular basis on a transaction day basis.

Second, the safety of client assets is subject to regular and strict review by regulatory agencies, as well as internal and external audits.

Third, Tiger Brokers must maintain a capital adequacy ratio in strict accordance with relevant regulatory requirements, and maintain sufficient special cash to meet the compliance requirements of the capital adequacy ratio. Its purpose is to enable it to have good anti-risk capabilities, to protect the interests of customers and to ensure the normal operation and development of the company. Relevant regulatory agencies will regularly review the operations of securities firms and closely monitor the capital adequacy ratio. Securities firms that do not meet the capital adequacy ratio requirements will be required to suspend business until the status improves.

Fourth, the client’s U.S. stocks are hosted by cooperative liquidators, which are supervised by the SEC and the U.S. Monetary Authority FINRA, and need to strictly abide by U.S. regulatory regulations to protect client assets; customers’ Hong Kong stocks are hosted by cooperative liquidators, which are subject to The supervision of the SFC of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission requires strict compliance with Hong Kong regulations to protect customer assets.

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