Calculation of the Fund's income.
Yesterday's gain: The gain earned on the most recent trading day. 
Holding gain: The cumulative gain earned during the fund's holding period. 
Cumulative gain:The total cumulative gain obtained since using the fund supermarket.

Fund's dividends.
Depending on the nature of the fund you hold, if the fund you hold has dividends, the dividends include monthly dividends, quarterly dividends, annual dividends, etc. The dividends will be unified for reinvestment, and the fund's dividends will generally be credited to your fund account within T+4 days after the dividend payment date. If the customer redeems the fund between the dividend payment date and the dividend payment date, since the dividend has not yet been paid, the redeemable amount of the fund does not include the dividend shares, and the dividend shares need to be redeemed after the account is credited to the fund. If the share of the fund account is only a small share (does not meet the minimum holding share and redemption share), when the customer redeems the bonus share, the order may be postponed, generally within 1-2 weeks to process the redemption order processing; if the customer does not redeem this share or can not be redeemed, then in a few cases the system may be unified for the customer to redeem processing.

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