Fund Supermarket is a value-added service for standard account holders of overseas public funds. One click to open a Fund Supermarket account, you can participate in the application for investment of US dollar public funds.

A. Selecting global public funds, rich in categories Selecting public funds of world-renowned asset managers, rich in categories, covering money funds; investment-grade bonds, emerging market bonds, high-yield bonds and other bond funds; U.S. and Asian large-cap stocks, small and mid-cap, technology stocks, emerging markets and other equity funds.
B. Convenient transactions, real-time view of income reports Open a fund account with one click, you can participate in the investment of public funds by making a deposit, and apply for purchase and redemption at any time, which is convenient, and you can view transaction reports and income records in real time.
C. Low investment threshold and flexible investment: Public funds have a low investment threshold and flexible investment, and can be purchased and redeemed at any time on the trading day.

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